At the CloudFest Hackathon 2023, each of the 11 participating teams brought their best ideas to life. But it wasn’t just their ideas that got creative. One of our team members, Miodrag Veljovic, also known as the Design & SVG wizard, created custom Wapuus for each team, as well as for the Hackathon partners. All parts of these Wapuus will be wearable items in WapuuGotchi Customizer.

Custom Wapuus for the Hackathon Teams

The 11 Hackathon teams were given unique Wapuus, designed to reflect their projects and personalities. For example, MariaDB Health Checks in WordPress got a Wapuu with the logo on the ball, while the Cookie Analysis Tool received a Wapuu with sandbox shovel and bucket. The Wapuus for each team were creative and fun, adding an extra layer of personality to the event.

Wapuu Art for the Hackathon Sponsors

In addition to the custom Wapuus for the teams, Mio also designed Wapuus for 10 official Hackathon partners. Automattic, Codeable, Google, Inpsyde, Intel, IONOS, PostStatus, WebPros, XWP Bold Blue, and Yoast each received their own unique Wapuu.

Wapuu brings the Hackathon to Life

The Wapuu art created by Miodrag helped to make the Hackathon experience even more fun and engaging. It added a personal touch to the event, and helped to bring together the teams and partners in a creative way. We’re proud of the work that Miodrag put into creating these custom Wapuus, and we’re excited to see where they go next.

As the CloudFest Hackathon 2023 came to a close, each team left with a unique Wapuu to remember the experience. We’re grateful to Miodrag for bringing his creativity and talent to the Hackathon, and we look forward to seeing where his Wapuu art takes us in the future.

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