Meet Your Personalized Wapuu Assistant

Gamify Your WordPress Experience with Customizable Wapuu Notifications & Rewards

Why You’ll Love Our Wapuu Assistant

Personalized Wapuu Characters

Create your very own Wapuu character, complete with customizable colors, accessories, and more! Make your Wapuu truly unique and representative of your personal style.

Gamified Notifications

Receive important messages and updates from your Wapuu, who will keep you informed and engaged with your WordPress site. Enjoy a fun and interactive notification experience like never before.

Unlockable Rewards & Customizations

Complete tasks within your WordPress instance to earn points, unlock new items, and personalize your Wapuu even further. Explore an ever-expanding world of customizations and accessories.

Getting Started with Your Wapuu Assistant


Install the Plugin

Download and install our user-friendly plugin to get started with your Wapuu assistant in just a few clicks.


Create & Customize Your Wapuu

Choose from a variety of colors, accessories, and features to design your perfect Wapuu companion.


Complete Tasks & Unlock Rewards

Work through tasks in your WordPress instance to earn points and unlock new items for your Wapuu. The more you accomplish, the more rewards you’ll earn!

Sehen Sie, was unsere Benutzer sagen

Cute & helpful

Thanks to the Wapuu Assistant, managing my WordPress site has never been more fun and engaging. I love customizing my Wapuu and receiving notifications from my adorable companion!
Some awesome fan

Cute, fun, professional

This is amazing. It gives you something a little extra to interact with on your blog. It’s also very well done… it looks professional. It’s like a feature you might have in a popular smartphone app. It’s not everyday we get something like this, for free, in the WordPress community.
Some awesome fan

Gamification at its best!

The gamified aspect of the Wapuu Notification Service has encouraged me to be more proactive with my site. The tasks and rewards system is truly motivating!
Some awesome fan

Ready to Transform Your WordPress Experience?

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