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Marko is presenting some information on the Hackathon stage.

The Hackathon has concluded, and we’re thrilled with the outcome! Following a dynamic weekend, we’re excited to present WapuuGotchi, an innovative WordPress Plugin merging gamification and personalization. In this wrap-up, we’ll cover our Hackathon presentation highlights, future plans, and extend an invitation to Plugin authors to collaborate on GitHub and Slack.

The WapuuGotchi Hackathon Presentation

Birgit is presenting some information on the Hackathon stage.

Our team of dedicated developers, designers, and WordPress enthusiasts came together to showcase the fruit of their labor during the Hackathon presentation. The audience was captivated as we demonstrated the customizable Wapuu assistant, which can be tailored to suit individual preferences by selecting unique outfits and accessories.

We also highlighted WapuuGotchi’s backend interaction capabilities, showing how it can guide users through updates, provide helpful tips, and offer reminders for important tasks. The presentation concluded with an invitation for Plugin authors to collaborate with us and integrate their Plugins into the WapuuGotchi ecosystem.

Moving Forward: Collaborate with Us

The Hackathon may be over, but the WapuuGotchi journey is just beginning. We believe that the key to WapuuGotchi’s success lies in a strong and collaborative community. That’s why we’re inviting Plugin authors to join us on GitHub and Slack to discuss how they can integrate their Plugins with WapuuGotchi.

By working together, we can make WapuuGotchi even more powerful and versatile, creating a truly immersive and personalized WordPress experience for all users.

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